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32159 Eye Shop

32159 Eye Shop

Optical Outlets is a 32159 eye shop that carries a wide range of eye care products for those who have both near and farsightedness. Nearsightedness and farsightedness are usually genetic, but can be easily corrected with eyeglasses. Patients who do not want to wear eyeglasses can wear contact lenses. Not every patient is a candidate for contact lenses, however most prescriptions can now be fitted with a contact lens even hard prescriptions, complicated prescriptions, and also prescriptions such as for those who have astigmatism.

In the past, patients who had astigmatism could not wear contact lenses. Thanks to strides in visual vision technology, patients can now wear them. Ask our 32159 eye shop about our other services that we offer at our offices. Our designer eyeglasses last a long time and are sturdy and durable, and beautifully designed to create a pleasing aesthetic look for your face shape. You can come in for an exam or come into our offices to try on some of our glasses and consult with one of our staff members. We’ll help you find the right pair of eyeglasses, ones that can fit your face shape. It’s important to find the right shape for your face. Choices include those such as round frames, oval frames, or square frames.

Come visit our 32159 eye shop or visit our website to find out more about our vision services. We offer complete comprehensive eye exams as well as vision and contact lens tests. We can have your glasses made same day at our offices and right on site for your convenience. Don’t wait, call us today to get started on the track to better eye health today. It’s important to take care of your eyes and come in for an annual eye exam each year in order to make sure that your eyes are functioning properly.

Optical Outlets
574 North Hwy 27
Lady Lake, FL 32159
(352) 350-5298